Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Bourjois rouge edition velvet review in Nude-ist

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I've been a bit busy since my last post, trying to get to grips with Twitter. If your not following me yet and you're enjoying my posts, then why not? I'm joking, although it would be nice to have some of you following me ;-) Now, as I often say 'On with the post!'

Today I am reviewing one of the Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick's in Nude-ist. It's kind of a funny story in how I ended up purchasing it. I started by picking up the new Bourjois CC cream and the nail polish in 'rose lounge -28' as I wanted a suitable polish for school. I got to the till and one of the ladies at boots told me that all the Bourjois products were on offer. If you spent £12 you could pick a lip product free. Originally I was going to get a nude lip gloss, however this product was recommended to me by a store assistant and I had heard about the hype by other bloggers. Therefore that is how this post came to be.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the packaging of this product. I love a good, sturdy lipstick with a screw lid. This is because I can just chuck it in my bag and not have to worry about it coming off. It also looks very professional with the clear plastic, and the branding on the side. Furthermore the applicator is amazing, it makes the lipstick easy to handle and apply.

Then, we have the product. In all honesty I can not find anything wrong with it. The wear time is unbelievably long and when it does wear, it wears evenly so you don't end up with a weird lip liner look going on. However I can not stress enough about exfoliating your lips before applying,as it does have a tendency to sink in to the cracks of your lips. I recommend using the Lush 'The Kiss' lip scrub which I reviewed here . The colours are highly pigmented and it does dry down to a nice matte finish. The  range of colours are also amazing and I will look forward to trying the rest of the collection.

left: Dried Right :first application

Product - 5
Packaging - 5
Price - 4

For the price they behave like a high end lipstick. It is now my favourite lipstick as it applies like a gloss but has the pigmentation of a lipstick. I think everyone should own one of these in their make up bags. Will you be trying this type of  lipstick? Pop your comment in the box below.

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  1. Great review.
    I think I may need to add this to my wish list.
    Rosie x

    1. Thankyou, you should it's the perfect colour. It's currently my favourite.

      That fashion freak Mill x