Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The superhero product

This product has superhero powers. It can rescue you from many disastrous situations. Even supermodels and make up artists use it. It solves problems as dry lips and skin drying out. As you probably know we are talking about the hottest product around. Vaseline.

1. It removes make up from around your eyes and, it even helps stop the skin around it from drying out.
This is really helpful as you do not want flaky skin when you are applying  eyeshadow etc. Especially one you have applied eye make up you do not want it to dry your eyes out.

2.It can thicken and condition your lashes. Yes, it really can. You can improve your natural eyelashes by applying vaseline to them. So now you can get better lashes ,(And still wear mascara) if you want to improve them.

3.It can solve pesky dry lips. In the summer and winter I get terrible dry lips. It can get really annoying, that is when I turn to this trusty product.It doesn't take long to soothe them either. It is a really handy to keep one of the tins handy. You can store hair clips in them afterwards.

4. It can keep your brows in place. When you imagine that supermodel look, you normally think of strong, defined brows. This keeps every hair in place. Apply the pencil they go over with a tiny bit of vaseline and your good to go.

5. You can nourish the cuticles of your nails. I sometimes get bad hangnails around my nails. When I put this own it sorts it out and they are so soft. When you have a perfect french manicure, wrecked cuticles spoil the look. It really helps

Will you be stocking up on your vaseline , and do you have any other uses for vaseline? Pop it in the comments below.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Clinique chubby stick review

Okay let me start with a bit of an overview of the product ,it is a clinique chubby stick in the colour Curvy Candy. I have had it a while and to be honest I have been using it non-stop. It is the perfect colour of pink. Wear a light coat for going to school/work, then layer it up for when the sun goes down. It is one make up item you need in your make up bag. Lets get on with the pictures.

Left, one application, Right, layered.
I have swatched it on my arm to try and show what the colour would be like on your lips. You will find that it goes with practically anything. It has the colour of a lipstick but the moisturizing feeling of a balm. It is quite long lasting too. Luckily when it does wear off it all comes off giving you a type of stain, rather than all at the middle. Usually when a lipstick product come off, it only comes off in the middle. Leaving you looking rather clown-ish. I can't really fault the product. The formula is practically perfect. 

The packaging of the chubby stick is quite amazing in itself. The colour of the packaging is surprisingly close to the actual colour pay off. The lid is also sturdy so you have no worries about the lid, coming off in your make up bag as some do.In the lid there is a sort of mirror, which is really helpful for applying on the go. It's a really useful idea.  The branding logo is also a nice touch on the side too.It is also really easy to know the shade name when you are shopping for it, thankfully it is printed on the side. Another nice touch. The actual chubby stick concept makes it really easy to apply, you can just apply easily. Genius.

The chubby stick is a bit pricey. I thought a while before getting it, but it is such good quality. The packaging  and product is excellent. However if you are still a bit unsure there are some good alternatives, that aren't exactly dissimilar to the real thing. Such as Revlon lip crayons priced at £7.99, L'Oreal  Glamshine Balmy  £6.99 and Models Own lipstix £5.00. Either way you need one of these in your life! 

Product : 10/10 
Packaging: 10/10 
Price: 8/10 
Overall: 9.5/10

Will you be trying out a clinique chubby stick or something similar? I'd love to hear which you are getting and wearing in the comments below. 

That fashion freak Mill 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Time for chocolate

Understated chic was all other the catwalks as well as being a 'natural beauty' This is my pick with a common theme. Chocolate! If you have ever wondered if you can have your cake and eat it, you can. But instead you can have your chocolate and eat it. Well not literally in this post.I have seen a whole range of yummy chocolate products from a chocolate face mask , to a chocolate eye shadow palette. Absolutely divine, finally you can spend the pounds but not put any on. Yes, you can still have a chocoholic moment and look amazing.

Essie Nail Polish Chocolate KissesMiss Sporty Fabulous Eye Pencil Chocolate 80L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Blush Ginger & Chocolate

From left to right we have: Essie nail polish chocolate kisses £7.99 , Too faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette £45.00, Lush whipstick £5.75,  Lush cupcake fresh face mask £6.25,Miss sporty fabulous eye pencil chocolate 80 £2.99 and last but certainly not least L'Oreal color riche lip blush Ginger & Chocolate £8.19.

Starting with the cool nude colour of essies nail polish, it really does look gorgeous. It could be perfect for school, work or in the evenings. Imagine with a gold glittery top coat. It could look a bit like a daim bar, if a light coat was added.

The first thing you see is the palette. It truly looks like a chocolate bar. Unfortunately it isn't really chocolate so if you did try to eat it, it may taste a bit metally. Moving on the eyeshadow colours are perfect. They are so versatile for a day at school or work, but when the sun come down a perfect smoky eye. I have to admit it is a bit pricey but for the quality and it even has shimmer and matte shadows! It is amazing!

My lips do tend to get really dry, to the point where i'm slathering lip balm on them 24/7. It is products like this which tend to my lips. Whipstick is a lip balm infused with orange and cocoa. You are basically applying a lip balm version of a Terry's chocolate orange on your lips. It will help in summer from all the air conditioning and heat to the winter, when the wind a cold is chapping your lips. It is a good chocolatey lip balm.

Face masks are really good for skin. Fact. So why not have one that does as good as it looks. A chocolate face mask is perfect for a girls night in or when you just want to have a bit of a relax. Especially when you may be stressing about homework, work etc, sort it all out with a spa night. Have a mani/pedi with the gorge  Essie chocolate nail polish  and real chocolate for some good relaxation time. Go on what are you waiting for?

Chubby eye pencils are good, for when you want to get a good grip on your pencil. Anything that makes it a bit easier is good right? For the price you can't complain. Wear it with a cream or dark nude eye shadow for extra impact. You can even just wear it on it's own for an even more natural look. You can look great at such a bargain. What a beauty.

Nude lipsticks can be a bit scary. If it looks too light it give that 'concealer' look, that at the worst of times isn't very attractive. If it is too dark it just looks out of place, if your skin is too light. However this shade will suit many people. It is an all round natural shade that is perfect for that ' i'm wearing no make up' look, without making you look like you've wiped mud on your lips. You can also add a clear gloss on top for a shiny finish. My top tip for applying it is to put it on, then blot it with tissue paper slightly. Then re-apply hopefully it will last longer which will be better.

Will you be trying the 'barely there' look and if so which products? I'd love to hear which ones so post a comment. Happy indulging in chocolate and retail therapy.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Style on the go

Is there ever a moment when you need a quick style update on your mobile, tablet etc? Well, now there are some really clever fashion apps which do all the work for you. From ones that help you try out make-up and hairstyles, to an app to see if a blogger has reviewed that must have lipgloss you have your eye on etc.  Here are my fave fashion and beauty apps that I know you'll love.

First up, we have Pose. This app is kind of like fashion instagram. You can see what the trendsetters and fashion icons from the world are wearing. From practically anywhere you are. It can also give you style advice and even outfit ideas. Now if only we could beam our celebrity fashion favourites to where ever we were...hint: Apple, invent one of those.

Next, we have Cloth. I have to admit there are moments when I'm going out and I freak out because I don't know what to wear! However this clever app helps you remember what you have got, by helping you take a picture each day of your outfit. Thus creating your own personal wardrobe for you. Your own personal assistant? Yes, please. Now you can remember what nail colour your fave celeb wore, or who was wearing what, all because Cloth is helping you. Thank you Cloth!

I have to confess Beautylish is a truly amazing app. If you ever want to try out some new make-up and hairstyles, this app is perfect for you. Such as if your struggling with that tricky waterfall braid or that cat flick eyeliner isn't going so great, check this app out. It has loads of beauty and hair photos including step-by-step tutorials on every beauty-licious thing under the sun. Now you can look a make up pro all the time.

Pretty in my pocket. That is exactly what it is. It is the gateway to knowledge beauty products. Seen that cute nail polish, but not sure if it is as good as it looks? This app checks the product out and if it has been reviewed by a top blogger. All you do is scan it, (or if like me you can't seem to scan things that well) you can easily type it in. Very helpful for those moments when you have bought that lipstick that was branded 'long wearing' but comes off in 5 minutes etc. It is amazing.

There have been times when my friend has been wearing an awesome outfit, but she couldn't remember where she'd got it from. Was it Topshop or Miss Selfridge? Really annoying. Or you've seen that stranger is totally rocking those cute pumps. You can't just go up to them, can you? Well you can, but if you're a bit shy like me, luckily you can trust this app to do the talking. You can track that jacket or anything really secretly. Perfect.

Don't forget, you can blogger on your mobile. So when a laptop/tablet isn't at hand, you can still check blogger. Handy, isn't it? Which apps will you be trying out? I'd love to hear your thoughts. So, go on get 'app-y

That fashion freak Mill