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Let me introduce myself, I am That fashion freak Mill and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading this blog, as I enjoy writing it. Happy reading.

 My aim is for this not be 'just another fashion blog' I want it to be so much more. You could maybe say a guide book for the fellow fashion freaks out there. You probably want to know why I've started this blog. There isn't a simple answer, but it is because I believe fashion is not a 'one size fits all' piece of clothing. It is different and as individual as we are. It comes in different sizes, colours and styles. However one of the other things that I love about fashion is that it is in most respects bilingual. You don't have to say anything about who you are, what your style is or even what you are interested in. Every language out there from English to German can understand it. It requires no words and creates no language barriers. That is the reason I love fashion. Beauty in most ways just accentuates fashion, like mascara accentuates your eyes. They both go hand in hand. If I can  help just one person, then I am happy. One day I'd even like to be a fashion designer or  a magazine editor. But right now I'm happy doing my own thing with my blog.

If you want to read more from That fashion freak Mill, get clicking and reading some of my posts. If you even want to comment on any, go ahead. I'd love to read them. I am also happy to do a guest post for you too if you are a fellow blogger, I am also happy for other bloggers to do a guest post on my blog.

That fashion freak Mill

Quick Q&A 

Q.Favourite magazine?
A. Seventeen or Teen vogue

Q.Favourite food?
A. Avocados!!However I do love reeses peanut butter cups...

Q.Favouite designer?
A. At the moment Calvin Klein

Q. Favourite youtuber?
A. Tanya burr or Tess Christine

Q. Favouite colour?
A. Red or pink

Q. Favourite place to visit?
A. Paris and Venice

Q.Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
A. Hopefully still with a blog and graduated from University and a job

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