Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Indie's Models Own nail varnish

Hello everyone, so today I have a special treat in store for you! A best friend of mine, Indie is going to write her first guest post about a very pretty polish. Over to her...

Hello :)
So I went shopping with That fashion freak Mill on the 30th (unlike me she put hers up straight away) and of course I went to the Models Owns Bottle Shop. I was kind of overwhelmed because I'm not good with people and I don't use much makeup. However I do wear nail varnish a lot, so I bought two colours with the five for £20 offer with That fashion freak Mill.

'Paradise Garage'
The first colour I picked was 'Paradise Garage' from the 'Disco Pants' collection. It is a metallicy green colour (better pictures can be found on the Models Owns website, my camera is extremely bad) I didn't have a green nail varnish, so this was a good find for me :). only one or two coats are needed, and it dries fairly quickly, as long as you don't put a thick layer on, so it is convenient. In some lights I find it has a blueish tinge, which is nice, but means it looks quite similar to another nail varnish colour I have.

'Marquis Maroon'
The second was 'Marquis Maroon' from the 'Diamond Luxe' collection. (Again better pictures on the Models Owns website). It is a dark red, with gold glittery things in it, making it a bit different to a normal red. Because I already have a red I like, I needed something that was different, so this was perfect. It needs a few coats to have a more solid colour, so could take longer to put on but the colour is really nice, making a bit more time spent worth it.

Indie xxx

P.S My first try so don't expect much...
Thanks to That fashion freak Mill for helping me and letting me give it a go :)