Thursday, 24 July 2014

The most iconic faces of fashion

Hi, okay I know you may have heard this before but for those of you who have been living under a rock recently let me introduce the fashionistas who changed fashion forever. Call them the fashion goddess' or heroine's of our time, as they truly deserve it.

Starting with Coco Chanel. The mother of fashion, she was iconic for many reasons but most noticeably pearls. The 'it' costume jewellery of our time, pearls can be dressed up or down. The easiest way to wear them is cute stud earrings. However you bold and wear large bracelets, with the pearls as big as gobstoppers. It is completely up to you.
Silver Plated Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bead Bracelet - Product number 9898530Cream (Cream) 6pk Assorted Pearl Stud Earrings | 261872013 | New Look

From left to right: Silver plated cultured freshwater pearl bead bracelet £9.99 (Was £19.99) H.Samuel, 6 pk assorted pearl stud earrings £2.99 New look, Short beaded necklace £12.99 H&M. 

Next we have the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Famous film star and serious style icon all in one. She made the Little black dress popular. Otherwise known at the LBD. Every wardrobe should have one. It is a simple black dress which can be accessorized for many occasions. It is so versatile it is a style staple. Wear it with red heels to silver shoes, you can create so many looks to make it totally unique to you.

From left to right: Izabel london lace dress £30.00 House of Fraser, Black drape front belted dress £35.00 River Island,  Lola Skye black crochet maxi dress £32.00 Dorothy Perkins 

The next one is a beauty trend that is really popular right now. The bold red lip. Yes, the thing some people may be be scared of. However with the right lipstick shade you can look like a star, as super stylish Marilyn Munroe showed us. She proved that a bold lip can change you from drab to fab in an instant. ( Even faster than Cadbury's instant hot chocolate...) It is an iconic look because it has lasted from then, to now. Serious style envy from her hair too. Beach blonde anyone?

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick Red 145 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick
From left to right: Gosh velvet touch lipstick in Red 141 £6.49 Superdrug, Too Faced melted lipstick in Ruby £19.00 Debenhams and Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick £8.99 Boots 

Finally we have the reigning queen of punk and grunge. The fabulous Vivienne Westwood. She brought back modern punk, such as biker jacket and safety pins on clothing. Luckily you don't have to be that bold if you don't want to. There are many ways to embrace the punk trend without going the full way. However if you are ready to go the full way like the creative fashion designer, then go for it. Purple lip and a serious smoky eye would look really cool. Match it with a punkilicious outfit and your good to go.

Fudge Urban Hair Chalk Purple 4GImage 3 of Afends Jumper With Punk Kid Slogan
From left to right: Fudge Urban hair chalk in Purple £5.99 Superdrug, Women's new rock pin chain boots £165 Schuh and Afends jumper with Punk Kid slogan £55.00 Asos 

So there you go, if you haven't already tried these trends then go ahead. I could include so many fashion icons, these are just 4 of the greatest ones out there.  my top tip for you to remember when trying new trends are to be brave, be bold but most importantly be yourself. Tell me in the comments section which trends you'll be trying, if you want. I'd love to hear what you think.

That Fashion Freak Mill

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Going for Gold

Hi, as you all know (most likely anyway) the Commonwealth games have offically started. Now i'm not the kind of girl in the classroom to be amazing at athletics, terrific at tennis etc. However I do generally enjoy sport. So I thought to myself, 'Why not support sport with fashion?' Then on came the light bulb, the boom, the flash. That is the very interesting back story of this post. So, if I haven't already bored you to death then on with the post.

Depending on your budget there are many ways to get glammed up. (So your little piggy bank needn't get broken. That's the hammer crossed off your shopping list...) Starting with gold nail polish. I really, and I mean really love this polish. It is Barry M Nail Effects Gold Foil. It is £3.99 from Superdrug. It is one of the longest lasting nail polishes I have tried. It looks amazing with practically everything, and even better it actually looks like foil. Seriously, some polishes are said to look like something when they nearly never do. Really good work Barry M!

This product needs shades to see it. It is the MUA Eyeshadow Palette Going For Gold it is £3.99 and is worth every penny. It doesn't just contain the colour Gold. It is such a versatile palette. It contains Bronze's and silvery colours. Perfect when you're setting off on your holidays and need to pack your make up bag sparingly. I find it hard enough trying to decide which black mascara. I mean 5 is so not too many right? *Yes, yes it is*

How about the smell of gold? Well, not exactly speaking.... I am talking about the sweet, amazing smell of Kim Kardashian Gold Eau de Parfum 100ml. It is one you will keep in your handbag all day long. Yes really, all day long. However it will also look chic on the dressing table too. It is perfect for almosy everything. It is £39.95 from Debenhams. So if your ready to splash your cash, it is a good idea to have it in mind.

Sometimes you can get bold of the same old black eyeliner. Well not any more! Move over boring black eyeliner and welcome this brilliant gold eyeliner. It is the Barry M Bold waterproof eyeliner in Gold. It retails for £3.99 from Superdrug 
 It is perfect for night and if your feeling adventurous for day too. It is the perfect addition to your make up bag. For a larger impact you can even add the MUA palette too. Get your gold on! 

Since I have included a few beauty products, I think i'd better include some fashion pieces too, as I can't leave these babies out. Starting with  Gold Laser Cut Open Toe Wedges which retail at £27.99 from New Look. If your making last minute holiday shopping plans, then I advice you on popping these in your shopping bag. Perfect for casual wear or evening wear, they are a brilliant addition to your suitcase. Get bold in gold. 

Be brave like a lion in roaring gold. This Gold tone Lion statement ring is perfect for those times when you feel like dressing on the wild side. It is a stand out piece, so you can let this ring do all the talking. It can also be a cool conversation starter too. Pair with a dress and killer heels, or jeans and a tee it will look amazing which ever way you choose. See you at the shopping tills. 

Gold Nail Foil EffectMUA Eyeshadow Palette Going For Gold Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - GoldGold (Gold) Gold Laser Cut Open Toe Wedges | 315810893 | New LookGold tone Lion statement ring

I hope i've given you some inspiration for when your next shopping. Let's support team GB the fashion freak way. Piled up in gold with serious style envy. Now if only styling outfits was a sport... 

That Fashion Freak Mill 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The 7 wonders of the fashion world

Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a while, coursework and exams have taking too much of my precious blogging time. Alas I am back and here is my newest post. Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and had that 'OMG I have nothing to wear!' moment. Chances are, like me, you have. However what if there was 7 pieces that could easily update an outfit, a set of trusty clothes etc. that you could rely on? Luckily for us aspiring fashionista's there are! Even better is that won't all break the bank.

Here we have the humble white t-shirt. It may be plain, but it will save the day time and time again. In autumn to summer, every seasons wardrobe needs this piece. Pair with a cute skirt and wedges in summer, to a pair of jeans, boots and a fur coat in autumn. It is so versatile.
White t-shirt £6.99 H&M 

French Navy (Blue) Blue Denim Shirt  | 290713542 | New Look
Next up we have a denim shirt.  Pair it with a jumper or unbuttoned with a t-shirt it will go with everything in your wardrobe. Yes, really everything. Note. These pieces are essential if your having to travel light this summer, saving room yet looking gorgeous.
Blue Denim Shirt £17.99 New Look

Gold (Gold) Gold Simple Chunky Chain Necklace | 306654793 | New Look
A gold necklace is a definite in your accessories section. It'll glam up and outfit and add that bling. After all who doesn't like a bit of glam. From dresses to day wear. This necklace will get you through. This necklace even comes in silver! The only problem you have is deciding which colour to buy.
Gold Necklace £5.99 New Look 

Skorts believe it or not are seriously hot. They can be paired with tights in winter , or a cute top in summer. The comfortable feeling of shorts but the look of a skirt. The best thing designed since nude heels...
Denim Skort £30.00 Miss Selfridge 

Beige metal trim court shoes
Nude is back, and it's here to stay. A timeless classic, which is as much your friend as a cute Labrador puppy, the only difference is this stylish piece never ages. Whether you choose to pair it with a dress for night or a kimono and shorts for a smart casual night, its totally up to you.
Beige court shoe £35.00 River Island

Sometimes you just want comfort and style. The good thing is you can have both. It is the classic converse. Paired with dresses or jeans it looks seriously cool. Many a celeb have been seen wearing them, so give your feet the star treatment and the comfort factor. With so many outfits for you to decide the easy part is buying these beauties.
Women's converse white oxford trainers £45.00 Schuh 

A classic bag, that can keep all your belongings in but still look chic is hard to find. But look no further, this satchel will give you geek chic vibe while still looking cool. It can fit your make up bag, purse and anything else you want in. Absolutely fabulous.

I hope I've helped stop the traumatic moments of trying-to-sit-on-your-crammed-suitcase-while-asking-a-friend-to-zip-it-up-moments. (Yes we've all been there) Happy spending, but most of all I hope you have a fab holiday where ever your going. Most of all make sure where ever your staying has wi-fi so you can look on blogger... haha

That fashion freak Mill