Saturday, 21 February 2015

What is 'Beautiful' ?

Hello everyone,

Recently I've had this question preying on my mind, what does it actually mean to be beautiful? To be honest I don't agree with the social media and power house magazine definition.
I.e - Size O, tall as a tree and a flawless complexion. Sure, I'm not saying these models aren't beautiful or pretty - but I believe there are more layers of meaning .

For example, close your eyes. Imagine the most beautiful girl you can think of. Now, look in the mirror. If you were thinking of the above. Then you are wrong. Social media has influenced us in the way we look and feel. I can tell you from experience, after reading a magazine I felt worse and wondered why didn't I look like them. This isn't healthy, and I bet every single one of you will have compared yourself to a model at least once. That is one of the scariest things about this world today. However, if we work together, we can change this. We don't have to be this way forever. Furthermore, with boys and other girls rating us it all adds extra pressure to us, with exams, growing up and how we look it can make life so much more stressful.

Here's my top 3 things, that I think are beautiful...
  1. Being able to walk in to a room and think 'I'm confident and awesome!' 
  2. Being able to be yourself no matter who your with. 
  3. Smiling and enjoying yourself - your smile is the prettiest thing you own. 

Every morning when you wake up, and look in the mirror think to yourself  'I AM BEAUTIFUL!' Keep thinking this to yourself eventually you will agree with it! 
That is my post for today, and also think of Jennifer Lawrence. That girl is so real she could have her own reality TV show. I'm being serious, today with so many celebrities conforming to Hollywood, it's nice to have a girl who is taking a stand. 

I hope that this has changed your opinion on what being 'beautiful' is, because I believe every girl is beautiful, including you! 

That fashion freak Mill 

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