Sunday, 15 February 2015

My late mini valentine lush haul

Hello everyone,
 I know I haven't done a post in a while. I blame school and tests however today I sat myself down, with my laptop and pink nail polish and decided to write this post. I hope you enjoy this, and if you do like this it could be the first of many. Now, on with the post.

I always think when you wander into Lush, you enter a parallel universe. One where everything is scented and makes you dizzy with excitement as you discover all the bath bomb, lotions and potions. Well, yesterday I decided to walk in and have a snoop around after discovering all the products on the website. As this is my first experience with Lush i was even more excited. 'First experience!' you may gasp in disbelief! But , to be honest I was more of a Boots and Body Shop kind of girl. However I must admit I have been converted!

For the first product, I picked up a Bubble bar in 'Lonely Heart'. I was kind of drawn to it as it was red and oh so sparkly with the gold glitter. Too pretty. I tried it out later that evening, and i wasn't disappointed with the results. It did everything it said on the tin. The bath water turned a lovely red, however there wasn't as much glitter as i was expecting, but it was still good. The smell was divine. You can definitely smell the lemon grass, however the scent of rose is a lot less subtle. Th packaging is the standard paper bag, however it does it's job well.It retails at £3.50. Shame it's a limited edition, i advice you to stock up while you can.

Product- 5
Packaging- 4
Price - 4

Next, I picked up 'The Kiss' lip scrub as it was recommended to me by the staff in store. I tested it and fell in love with it. *No pun intended*  It is the perfect balance between salty and sweet. Not to mention the cute little hearts and sprinkles on the top. It also leaves a little hint of colour behind which is nice. It kind of smells of oranges as described and is fairly pleasant.The packaging is feels stable as it is a screw lid and the picture on the top is just too cute for words. This retails at £5.50. I will look forward to using this as my lips tend to be very  flaky in the winter. Not a good look.

Product- 4
Packaging - 4
 Price - 4

 Finally I picked up 'The Kiss' gloss as I had already picked up the scrub, so I felt they should come in a pair. They also seemed to look very cute together. And others excuses I made for myself... It is a very sheer pink and is more of a tinted balm with a shine, rather than a hyper pigmented gloss, therefore I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for a bright pink gloss. It doesn't really have a strong scent, it is just very similar to the scrub. On the packaging side it seems stable and secure. It is fairly practical, and again I really love the image of the retro, cameo style man and woman on top. It does seem to also be quite moisturising as I have dry lips, it does seem to solve this problem. This retails at £5.95 I would definitely recommend you pick this up.

Product - 5
Packaging -5
Price - 4

Left: The kiss Lips scrub , Right: The kiss gloss

I have discovered my new love of Lush and I may start doing more of these 'haul' style posts, what do you think? Which products are you going to pick up? Comment your thoughts below.

That fashion freak Mill


  1. I love lush products.
    I really want to try their lip scrubs. Maybe that's another thing for the wish list!?

  2. I love them too.
    I think it could be,once you try them you'll be hooked! :-)

    That fashion freak Mill x