Saturday, 16 May 2015

My top 3 desert island products

Hello everyone, first things first, I am incredibly sorry that I haven't posted in a long time. It's been finals week, so I have had revision on the brain. However here is a new post I hope you will enjoy. I know everyone had their 'Desert Island' products and I love reading about them. So I thought that I'd share mine with you. I also wanted to post this because we are now finally getting into spring/summer so let's hope that the cold will disappear. Fingers crossed! Now, on with the post.

This is one of my recent discoveries, after being a long fan of the Vaseline cocoa lotion. However this is now my number 1 and has replaced it for ever more. It is the Nivea soft cream pot. I have it in 300ml, and between you and me it still isn't big enough ;-) I have really dry skin, and this moisturises it really well. It also has a very light fragrance which doesn't overpower my perfume.

My next product is the simple moisturizer with SPF 30. Now the summer months are coming, it is important to put on a high SPF. Although i can't recommend enough, putting SPF all year round. As dark spots, and fine lines are all caused by sun damage. To prevent that, wear SPF everyday. Now I've got my 'nagging mum' impression out of the way, I can tell you about how good this product is. Fact. It soothes my dry skin, protects and can we please talk about the packaging. So handy and easy to use my dog could use it. Well maybe not literally.

Finally, the classic that is Vaseline cocoa butter therapy. In a post that seems a lifetime ago when I was just starting out, I posted about Vaseline in The superhero product . It seems that their isn't anything it can't do. Except apply it for you. In short , it's perfect for dehydrated lips and unruly brows. Among other amazing uses which you'll find in my old post.

These are my desert island products, they aren't the most interesting but if I was stranded on an island, then these would be the products I'd take. What products would you take? I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

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