Saturday, 30 May 2015

My visit to the Models Own Bottle Shop

Hello everyone, so today I was out shopping in the Metro Centre in Newcastle when I came across the famed Models Own Bottle Shop. I had heard about it a while ago, although I only thought that there was one in London. So you can imagine the sheer joy, at the mere sight of it.
The front of the Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop from above

Firstly I wasn't sure what to expect, although as soon as I walked in I was greeted with a friendly store assistant and a basket with a free gift. This was a pleasant surprise and in every section there were rows upon rows of nail polish. As I was a complete Models Own virgin, I was very thankful for the help.

Models Own limited edition festival collection
My free gift- Models Own eye shadow duo
The first question you were asked was 'What colour and finish would you like?' I was incredibly indecisive as there were so many incredible colours. It was a massive rainbow. I did look at the make up but I found I was drawn to the nail polishes. At first I picked a pale ,powder blue however I ended up choosing a beautiful coral colour from the hyper gel collection. I was with my friends, and we decided as there were was a 5 for £20 offer we would share it out. I found that it was very good value. It was also very helpful that the store assistants swatched colours on their hand. An amazing idea.

Models own polish in 'long peach beach' £4.00 at the bottle shop
                                                                            £5.00 at Superdrug and boots

I have decided that the visit was worth it, and I would advise anyone to take a trip and see it. I was tempted by the whole festival collection, and I will probably buy some of it soon. There will be a review of the hypergel polish soon. Will you be visiting the bottle shop soon? What is your favourite Models Own product?

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