Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The superhero product

This product has superhero powers. It can rescue you from many disastrous situations. Even supermodels and make up artists use it. It solves problems as dry lips and skin drying out. As you probably know we are talking about the hottest product around. Vaseline.

1. It removes make up from around your eyes and, it even helps stop the skin around it from drying out.
This is really helpful as you do not want flaky skin when you are applying  eyeshadow etc. Especially one you have applied eye make up you do not want it to dry your eyes out.

2.It can thicken and condition your lashes. Yes, it really can. You can improve your natural eyelashes by applying vaseline to them. So now you can get better lashes ,(And still wear mascara) if you want to improve them.

3.It can solve pesky dry lips. In the summer and winter I get terrible dry lips. It can get really annoying, that is when I turn to this trusty product.It doesn't take long to soothe them either. It is a really handy to keep one of the tins handy. You can store hair clips in them afterwards.

4. It can keep your brows in place. When you imagine that supermodel look, you normally think of strong, defined brows. This keeps every hair in place. Apply the pencil they go over with a tiny bit of vaseline and your good to go.

5. You can nourish the cuticles of your nails. I sometimes get bad hangnails around my nails. When I put this own it sorts it out and they are so soft. When you have a perfect french manicure, wrecked cuticles spoil the look. It really helps

Will you be stocking up on your vaseline , and do you have any other uses for vaseline? Pop it in the comments below.

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