Friday, 13 June 2014

Crazy about Katy Perry's collection

 I am currently in love with Katy Perry's new collaboration with Claires. It is well and truly gorgeous. But before I go on about how wonderful it is, I will tell you a bit about it. It is themed for Katy's new Prismatic tour. Basically each piece is either devoted to the tour or her love of her feline friends. The pieces range from a 'roar' themed bracelet to leopard print cat sunglasses. They are both so a la Perry that you can just tell she has a huge input into the making of the collection. It may not come as a surprise but how often do you see a 'collab' that looks like the celebrity has had a smidge of input into it? Answer: Not very often. That is why I was so excited when I saw it.

I will now you show my absolute favourites from the collection. (If I put all of my favourites in this post, it would be the whole collection. Yes, that is how much I love it!)

From left to right we have: Katy Perry butterfly stack rings £7.00, Katy Perry pink flower corsage cuff £10.00, Katy Perry diamante cat sunglasses £12.00, Katy Perry 'Let the light in' necklace £8.00, Katy perry 4 geometric bangles £10.00 and Katy Perry hematite ROAR hinged cuff bracelet £8.00.

I love the butterfly stack rings because I feel they are reasonably priced. More importantly though they will look great stacked together,  or one on each finger... the looks are endless. Who said you can't match gold with silver? It looks great as a combo.
I also love the flower cuff because it just screams summer! What says summer more than flowers? ! Let your style grow with this cuff. Special occasion or casual wear this cuff will see you through. Don't get me started on the colour, although if pink doesn't rock your world try the cool blue one too. Either colour it is fab!
Everyone needs sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Why not have the best of both worlds, pretty and practical with these cute sunnies! They are like a superhero accessory. Protecting your eyes from the sun, while still looking good! The diamantes add super sparkle too, perfect for that 'sparkly' moment you may get.
Light is associated with positivity right? Then let the light shine through your day with this cool necklace. The black writing against the gold triangle is a killer contrast! While the triangle shape still co-ordinates itself with the whole idea of the prism theme.
Those bangles. The bright,bold designs are perfect for summer. Wear all of them at once or one at a time. The power is in your hands... They are perfect for a festival, on the beach, anywhere. They are so versatile it is unreal. I mean look at the 'love me' bangle, gold and black as I have already stated is so good together. They will go with almost anything.
Finally, last but certainly not least, the bangle is such a standout piece. You can leave the rest of your outfit plain and let that bracelet do the talking. It fits so perfectly with the prism theme too, it really it is amazing. It will go with jeans for casual or a dress at night. Do it your way.

Will you be buying any of the pieces? If so which ones? I'd love to hear which ones you'll be choosing to rock this summer.

That fashion freak Mill

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