Monday, 16 June 2014

Clinique chubby stick review

Okay let me start with a bit of an overview of the product ,it is a clinique chubby stick in the colour Curvy Candy. I have had it a while and to be honest I have been using it non-stop. It is the perfect colour of pink. Wear a light coat for going to school/work, then layer it up for when the sun goes down. It is one make up item you need in your make up bag. Lets get on with the pictures.

Left, one application, Right, layered.
I have swatched it on my arm to try and show what the colour would be like on your lips. You will find that it goes with practically anything. It has the colour of a lipstick but the moisturizing feeling of a balm. It is quite long lasting too. Luckily when it does wear off it all comes off giving you a type of stain, rather than all at the middle. Usually when a lipstick product come off, it only comes off in the middle. Leaving you looking rather clown-ish. I can't really fault the product. The formula is practically perfect. 

The packaging of the chubby stick is quite amazing in itself. The colour of the packaging is surprisingly close to the actual colour pay off. The lid is also sturdy so you have no worries about the lid, coming off in your make up bag as some do.In the lid there is a sort of mirror, which is really helpful for applying on the go. It's a really useful idea.  The branding logo is also a nice touch on the side too.It is also really easy to know the shade name when you are shopping for it, thankfully it is printed on the side. Another nice touch. The actual chubby stick concept makes it really easy to apply, you can just apply easily. Genius.

The chubby stick is a bit pricey. I thought a while before getting it, but it is such good quality. The packaging  and product is excellent. However if you are still a bit unsure there are some good alternatives, that aren't exactly dissimilar to the real thing. Such as Revlon lip crayons priced at £7.99, L'Oreal  Glamshine Balmy  £6.99 and Models Own lipstix £5.00. Either way you need one of these in your life! 

Product : 10/10 
Packaging: 10/10 
Price: 8/10 
Overall: 9.5/10

Will you be trying out a clinique chubby stick or something similar? I'd love to hear which you are getting and wearing in the comments below. 

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