Saturday, 14 June 2014

Style on the go

Is there ever a moment when you need a quick style update on your mobile, tablet etc? Well, now there are some really clever fashion apps which do all the work for you. From ones that help you try out make-up and hairstyles, to an app to see if a blogger has reviewed that must have lipgloss you have your eye on etc.  Here are my fave fashion and beauty apps that I know you'll love.

First up, we have Pose. This app is kind of like fashion instagram. You can see what the trendsetters and fashion icons from the world are wearing. From practically anywhere you are. It can also give you style advice and even outfit ideas. Now if only we could beam our celebrity fashion favourites to where ever we were...hint: Apple, invent one of those.

Next, we have Cloth. I have to admit there are moments when I'm going out and I freak out because I don't know what to wear! However this clever app helps you remember what you have got, by helping you take a picture each day of your outfit. Thus creating your own personal wardrobe for you. Your own personal assistant? Yes, please. Now you can remember what nail colour your fave celeb wore, or who was wearing what, all because Cloth is helping you. Thank you Cloth!

I have to confess Beautylish is a truly amazing app. If you ever want to try out some new make-up and hairstyles, this app is perfect for you. Such as if your struggling with that tricky waterfall braid or that cat flick eyeliner isn't going so great, check this app out. It has loads of beauty and hair photos including step-by-step tutorials on every beauty-licious thing under the sun. Now you can look a make up pro all the time.

Pretty in my pocket. That is exactly what it is. It is the gateway to knowledge beauty products. Seen that cute nail polish, but not sure if it is as good as it looks? This app checks the product out and if it has been reviewed by a top blogger. All you do is scan it, (or if like me you can't seem to scan things that well) you can easily type it in. Very helpful for those moments when you have bought that lipstick that was branded 'long wearing' but comes off in 5 minutes etc. It is amazing.

There have been times when my friend has been wearing an awesome outfit, but she couldn't remember where she'd got it from. Was it Topshop or Miss Selfridge? Really annoying. Or you've seen that stranger is totally rocking those cute pumps. You can't just go up to them, can you? Well you can, but if you're a bit shy like me, luckily you can trust this app to do the talking. You can track that jacket or anything really secretly. Perfect.

Don't forget, you can blogger on your mobile. So when a laptop/tablet isn't at hand, you can still check blogger. Handy, isn't it? Which apps will you be trying out? I'd love to hear your thoughts. So, go on get 'app-y

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